Digidesk transforms the onboarding process of top life insurance company and increases process efficiency.

The modern mobile application digitally transforms the onboarding procedure by eliminating manual processes

Our Client

Our client organization is a life insurance company owned by HDFC Life and is headquartered in Bengaluru. The company as on 31st March, 2021 manages assets of INR 18,381 crores. It distributes its products through various channels such as corporate agencies, brokers, direct channels and online portals. The agency channel comprises over 40,000 advisors associated with 200 company offices across the county.

The Challenge

A manual candidate onboarding system made for a laborious process and was a pain point for the client. Manual form filling, scanning, data entry, and data correction created an inefficient transfer of candidate information across systems. The potential hire was expected to fill out repetitive information across multiple, detailed forms such as Gratuity, MediClaim etc. which resulted in poor onboarding experience.

The Solution

Heptagon proposed Digidesk, a mobile application that serves as an easy-to-use onboarding platform. Easily accessible on android and iOS, a candidate can easily download the application and login using their phone number. Further, they can fill in the required details, upload their photo and other required documents. The details filled in by the candidate can be verified easily using the display featured in the admin web portal. After verification, the candidate and HR team can generate a digital form with the candidates data and signature.

The Outcome

The onboarding process requires minutes to complete compared to the hours the manual systems required. Further, the entire process beginning from the candidate logging into the application, to the offer letter being generated is handled on one comprehensive application that saves the client company multiple hours and resources.


Reduced costs


Reduced errors


Hassle-free experience

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Digidesk transforms the onboarding process of top life insurance company and increases process efficiency.

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