A hybrid mobile application enhances student experience at a top Malaysian university

The university benefitted by a mobile application developed by Heptagon that was the first step towards a smart campus. The student body quickly accepted the change and moved from the existing system. Over 10,000 students carry out daily campus tasks and gather academic information off the app.

Our Client

The client is a top-ranked university in Malaysia with campuses in two locations. The educational institute envisioned an improved campus life for the student body and the first step in that direction was to develop an app for them.

The Challenge

The university used a web-based portal that ran on an IIS server on the backend. The system would often hang during peak hours. Also, the students used two different portals for academic information. In addition to these challenges, the internet strength on campus was weak and the portal had to be shut down for security reasons. The student body required a single portal to gather all academic and campus related information.

The Solution

Heptagon’s suggestion was to build an app using Xamarin technology – a hybrid mobile app development technology so that there would be single source code. The app would have two users, guests and students. Guests would have limited access to information on campus. Students would be able to carry out all functions pertaining to their campus and academic life at the university. These range from marking attendance using QR codes, availing class schedules based on the time and week, access bus routes based on location, download performance reports, and view notifications sent by faculty. Encryption was also set up in the backend to avoid future security breaches.

The Outcome

The perception of the university by the students significantly improved after the launch of the app. Within ten days, the app was adopted and was rated above 4.5. This one-stop application for all university information helped the overall student and guest experience on campus. Due to the architecture of the server configuration, an additional source of revenue was developed for the client where they provided this infrastructure to other universities.


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A hybrid mobile application enhances student experience at a top Malaysian university

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