CURVE transforms feedback system developed for baseball athletes

An dramatic improvement to a legacy web application, helps coaches provide feedback with precision, and accelerates the learning CURVE of players.

Our Client

Our client helps elite baseball organizations across the country to align their player’s ecosystem, retain top talent and attract new talent through a sophisticated player development application.

The Challenge

The client organization had an existing web application designed for the admin, expert coach, team coach/travel coach and the players. However, the development analyst, the team coach and the players were the most frequent users. The application allowed players to upload practice videos and receive feedback from coaches. The challenge was that it lacked features that would help coaches instruct players with greater precision.

The Solution

Heptagon’s solution, CURVE, a digitally transformed application, streamlined all the interactions required for the coach to help the player reach their potential. CURVE is an intuitive mobile application that was designed to be used on an iPad to increase mobility. It places importance on delivering feedback with visual cues that the coach can capitalize on. The app enhanced the learning experience of the player apart from continuing to collect player content such as physical stats, drill videos, game videos and more.

The Outcome

CURVE was greatly accepted with over 100+ users seamlessly onboarding after the first six months of it being rolled out. The onboarding process was 15x more efficient and the application eliminated 97% of the flaws faced by the legacy application. Other improved features of the app include 70% increase in video uploading speed, improved access to the end users, and detailed analytical report on training data that the app provides. The customer base of the client grew by 40% in six months.


Technical flaws eliminated


More efficient onboarding process


Increase in customer base in 6 months

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